Seven Days Without Technology Makes One Weak!

I have always loved technology. When the first computer came out I had to have one. I remember saving up hundreds of my hard earned dollars (or mum and dads) to purchase a Dick Smith VZ200 and then soon a Vic 20 and then we saw power with the Commodore 64, 128 and so on...

My technology habit now includes a house with a PC in each room, A TV that uses Microsoft Media Centre to drive it and a pocket PC in the corner of the lounge room to check my emails all day and night. I have to ask myself is this healthy? I really feel uncomfortable if I am not “connected” for more than a day!

As a business owner I must say I truly envy my fore fathers. I remember when I got my first job in the late 80’s my boss used to give me 20c to make a phone call to the office once per day if I was out on the road. Now days I receive up to 30 calls or emails day or night. How did they ever do business? - Slower.

You ask any Baby Boomer or older generation person. They simply cannot understand how we have grasped technology and live with it. SMS, Email, iPhones, Pocket Pc’s... Ahhh. It really freaks them out.

“When I was a kid, I remember hitting a round hoop with a long stick... None of these video games, mobile phones that make all the kids lazy...”  We hear it all the time from our folks.

This got me to thinking. Technology is my heroin. I am addicted to it! What can I do about this? Well that’s when I decided I must not be the only person out there who has this same problem so I am going to do something about it. I am going to do an experiment.

Can I survive without technology? If so - how long? What constitutes technology? What will the impact be? Am I the only person addicted?

I plan to answer all these questions and more over the next few months. I have a plan – stay posted.

Posted: Wednesday 25 February 2009