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CEO - Top 5% on Linked In–really?

I must say I was pretty impressed when I received a top 5% email from Linkedin as well as my certificate! Surely I can’t have that many people looking at my profile? Who could they all be? It then...
Posted: Friday 15 February 2013

Open Source vs Kentico–The Facts

There has always been a debate regarding Opens Source software and Commercial Software. Whilst a great concept, open source Content Management Systems (CMS) are less secure because they typically...
Posted: Thursday 14 February 2013

WDM Secures Papua New Guinea Government Kentico CMS

WDM Secures the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) website redevelopment project by using Kentico CMS as the platform.
Posted: Tuesday 05 February 2013

Findaroom.com.au wins Top 10 Kentico Websites for January 2013

One of Web Design Magic's latest projects Find a Room is Australia’s premier accommodation and holiday destination search website wins the Kentico  Top 10 Kentico Websites for January 2013!
Posted: Saturday 02 February 2013