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WDM - The only one in the world

How does this benefit our customers you may ask?

  • It shows that we’re committed to educating ourselves and our customers on the functions and features Kentico has to offer. By maintaining our position as experts on the platform, you can rest assured knowing that we can map functions and features to your business objectives ensuring the best possible value out of every engagement you have with WDM.
  • It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the platform which in turn, provides assurances to our clients that we’re supporting the platform to the best of our ability now and into the future.

The exciting part is that WDM is the only partner on the planet with all 5 core competencies!


The main competencies are;

The Microsoft Azure Competency is intended for Kentico Gold Partners. It identifies them as Kentico Microsoft Azure experts and thus differentiates them from other partners, with the effect of them receiving more Azure-based leads and business opportunities.

The Development and Integration Competency is awarded to Kentico Gold Partners who have successfully launched large and demanding projects requiring integration with third-party solutions (CRMs, ERPs) or custom development.

The Kentico Online Marketing Competency is awarded to Kentico Gold Partners who not only pass the Kentico Online Marketing knowledge exam, but who show expertise in creating websites using Kentico EMS, making use of its many enterprise marketing tools, such as Marketing Automation, Email marketing, Contact Management and Segmentation, Lead scoring, Analytics, and Reporting.

The Intranet Competency is intended for Kentico Gold Partners who specialize in building intranet portals on Kentico and who have experience in their implementation.

The E-commerce Competency is designed to help Kentico Gold Partners get recognized as experts in delivering high-value online stores and e-commerce projects on Kentico. These partners get significant competitive advantage and are prioritized in e-commerce lead placement.

Well done WDM team!

If you would like to discuss how WDM can help you with any Kentico design or development please contact us.


Posted: Wednesday 17 January 2018