Oh dear, our website 16 years ago.

This month marks a very special time at Web Design Magic. It’s not the launch of yet another large project or a milestone birthday. Instead we are celebrating the launch of our office refurbishment and our very own new website!

A new year and a new office refurbishment

Our new office looks amazing! It has a modern industrial look and feel that really makes the place a joy to work in. We are all loving the new “Star Wars” corner, the wall sized blackboard, the retro kitchen complete with popcorn machine, soda stream and gourmet coffee machine, not to mention the 3D printer! It’s a pleasure to work in such a trendy, creative and unique workspace that inspires and motivates. Thanks to everyone involved.

The new Web Design Magic Website

For some time now our website has been based on Kentico 7 and dribs and drabs of the Kentico EMS. Sure we had Contact Management and all the other cool tools, but were we using them to their full potential? Hmmm… not really. There was always someone else’s website to concentrate on fine tuning. Not anymore! Our company website is now the model website for all that is great with Kentico 9 EMS, with many of the functional bells and whistles.

We approached the project with the following guidelines:

  • Kentico has tons of features, but we only wanted to use the features we really need. Let’s not create a monster just because Kentico offers so much.
  • Set specific goals. What exactly do we want our customers to do while using our site? We focused on these goals at all times.
  • Create ‘Killer’ content – not just ‘Filler’ content, so we stripped it right back.
  • Provide Localised language versions for Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, our primary regions.
  • Use Segmentation to deliver personalised content, which increases the chance of a customer engaging with our brand to meet their unique needs.
  • Use Automation to help the Sales & Marketing team with day to day tasks.
  • Use Scoring to help sales focus on the leads that matter.

Have a look at our new site and we’d be really happy to hear your feedback.

If you would like to talk to a consultant, learn more about how we utilise Kentico for our own needs and be amazed at how you can use it for your own, then please contact us. We love demonstrating the Kentico product.

For a laugh we have created this collage of all our websites over the last 17 years. Some are actually embarrassing, but hey you have to start somewhere!


Posted: Thursday 03 March 2016