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Down tools – It’s race day!

A few years ago Web Design Magic was asked to re-develop the Dick Johnson Racing website. Whilst we found the site build very interesting and the cars and teams amazing the whole office also grew a new passion for Motorsport. So on Saturday we closed the doors and went to the Armor All Gold Coast 600.

It was a sunny 25 degrees with a slight chance of rain – perfect for racing! The day started early with William entering himself into the “Pit Crew” competition and scoring an amazing 32 seconds! No one had the heart to tell him the pros do it around 6-8 seconds. We caught it on video if you want to have a look.

After his mammoth effort it was time for a massage. Obviously the power required to do a 32 second tire change took it out of him. Nice work Will!


It was then onto the rest of the track with lots of interesting sites to see and some amazing people watching to be had. Daren, our CEO was even lucky enough to try a few bikes out for size and then add one to his 40th birthday list (much to his wife’s horror!)


The day soon flew by as race after race, class after class whizzed past us with deafening speed. We made sure we got a great position on the hill to see the “Touring Car Masters” and their support teams race as these cars really rocket.. Some of the older boys still have it in them.


After all the track side antics, drag cars, drifters and stunt shows it was time for the V8’s. The Top 10 Shoot Out was hampered by light rain but Loundsy decided to keep on the slicks and give the fans what they came for – sideways racing.


The race went off well with lots of thrills and spills and the day ended with an appearance by Eskimo Joe and the good old Hoodoo Gurus.


Thanks everyone for making this a great day – back to work…

Posted: Monday 24 October 2011
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