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Kentico Forms

Free Kentico Training in 30 Minutes

Forms are a crucial part to any website, but it’s the integration that matters. Learn how to build great looking forms as well as notifications, autoresponders, mapping to contacts and techniques to integrate forms into landing pages or competition type setups. This 30-minute training will show you the basics and touch on advanced validation and configurations.

Thankyou everyone who attended this webinar. I hope you got something out of it! Feel free to make contact if you have any questions or would like to have this same demonstration played to your office or team.

If you have any questions please contact WDM.

Online Forms

Online forms represent a great tool for capturing visitor contact details and generating leads for your sales team. With Kentico, you can easily create and publish on-line forms without programming. Create and post forms on your website quickly, and collect contact details or conduct customer surveys.

Build Online Forms

The Online Forms module in Kentico allows you to create and publish custom forms on your website without any technical knowledge.

Capture any information you need with customized forms. Create forms for messages, orders, event registrations, job applications, surveys, or anything you like, restricting input values for fields such as email address and age. Kentico automatically builds the database, backend, and scripts for collecting the data, ready for you to work with.

Publish a Form on a Website

You can publish forms through the WYSIWYG editor - just click a button and select the required form.

One-Click Export to Excel

Submitted records are stored in the database and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet in a single click. It means you can re-use gathered data and analyze, share, or archive data outside Kentico.

Email Notifications and Automatic Responses

When a site visitor submits a form, you can receive the inserted data by email. For example, your sales people can receive contact details whenever someone uses the Contact Us form.

You can also set up automatic email responses to the visitor submitting forms. It's useful when you want to offer a whitepaper for downloading and send it to a visitor after they enter their contact details.

Customizable Layout and Design

By default, each form is displayed using a tabular layout. However, you can define custom form layouts designed with your own HTML code. You can also set CSS styles for every form label and input control.

MVC Form Builder

When developing websites using the MVC development model, Kentico provides you with MVC Form Builder which uses drag-and-drop functionality to allow your marketers quickly to create online forms perfectly tailored to their needs. It also allows them to create Smart Forms to gather online visitors' data more easily.