Kentico by WDM: Empowering Marketers

Free Kentico Training in 30 Minutes

Kentico 12 EMS future proofs your projects with its transition to the MVC development model by 2020 and WDM simplifies your content editing with our own set of widgets. Join our webinar to see how WDM can help you easily edit your new Kentico 12 website with ease. 

MVC Adoption Graph

Thankyou everyone who attended this webinar. I hope you got something out of it! Feel free to make contact if you have any questions or would like to have this same demonstration played to your office or team.

If you have any questions please contact WDM.

Why do I need these new widgets?

Whilst Kentico 12 is built using the latest technology their strategy was to remove the bloat of previous versions. This bloat came in the form of web parts we never really used. The new model for Kentico is to create your own MVC widgets at time of build.

WDM knows that we only ever really use a handfull of widgets like text box, image upload, banners, sliders and call to action buttons to build our pages, so we built top notch widgets that do just that - focus on the important things.

If you’re like almost all of our Kentico customers, you’re wondering what to do about MVC. You’ve heard it’s a big deal. You know it’s the future. You’ve maybe even read about the benefits of moving your website development to it, but where do you even begin?

Choosing a technology for your projects is an important decision that can have monumental consequences. We want to give our clients the best solution possible, in the shortest amount of time, with the smallest of cost.

Introducing Kentico by WDM.

Kentico by WDM

Kentico 12 was launched at the start of 2019 as the first version adopting Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC architecture while continuing to support the legacy architecture on the same platform, however with no content editing widgets. You need to build these seperatly for each project - a time consuming and expensive task.

By leveraging the new architecture, WDM has completed a full set of the widgets we all use most as marketers. Kentico have paved the way for a new platform and we have paved the way for simple content editing.


Our widgets are built already. There is no expensive widget builds or setup as they are core to Kentico by WDM. From time to time we will be creating and enhancing our widgets and our customers can benefit from our constant interations.

We also dont sell these widgets. We keep them only for our own customers as a thankyou for being a WDM customer.