Hobby News

HobbyNews and Web Design Magic agreed on choosing Microsoft Azure based on as a trusted hosting provider for many reasons including:

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • The ability to scale services as the site grows in popularity
  • Future use of the CDN feature Microsoft Azure Offer

  • Hobby News
  • Hobby News
  • Hobby News

Goals and Results

HobbyNews had one simple yet important goal for their new website, to promote products directly and indirectly through information marketing. To achieve this, they engaged the services of Kentico partner Web Design Magic.

Even though HobbyNews is still growing, it is performing well and is on track with expectations. By using Azure Hobby News saved both time and money during the deployment of their site. Azure will undoubtedly prove invaluable as the site continues to grow.

Thanks to social media functionality built into kentico EMS the site is seeing an increase in traffic from Facebook. This functionality has also saved time on posting updates across all social media platforms. HobbyNews have reported an increase in click through banner advertising driving sales for their vendor suppliers.

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