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Web Design Magic – Care Package Support Agreement Changes

The Web Design Magic Team are pleased to advise of upcoming improvements for our customers. In particular, we’re streamlining how we provide support based work. The changes will improve our response and resolution times and are in line with customer feedback.

What are the changes and when are they effective?
The following key changes are effective as of 1st July 2015:

Simplified Service Level Agreement Response Times
The existing Service Level Agreement (SLA) response times were confusing. The new SLA outlines simplified response times:

Support Type

Support Begins


The same working day*


Within 4 working days


Emergency Support is deemed as something adversely affecting your website e.g. Site not loading at all or; customers are unable to transact on your website.

Any General Support requests that exceed 8 hours of required work will now be deemed as project based work. Any project work requires a separate quotation. The above SLA does not apply to project based work.

Increase in fees
We’re not in the habit of increasing fees regularly! There has been an increase in the fees relating to support based work in-line with inflation over the past 3 years.


Old Price

New Price

20 Hours



52 Hours



104 Hours



Table outlines current and new Care Package Support Agreement charges as of 1st July 2015.

What if I have an existing Care Package Support Agreement?
For any customers that have an existing Care Package Support Agreement, it’s business as usual. Your Care Package Support Agreement will not attract any further charges and will remain until your agreement has expired.

Upon expiration of your existing agreement, the purchase of a new Care Package Support Agreement will be subject to the new pricing if purchased after 1st July 2015.

Posted: Friday 26 June 2015