Selling online has never been easier or smarter with Kentico e-Commerce

Kentico e-commerce solution comes with almost every sophisticated feature you’ll ever likely need as plug-and-play components ready for you to simply and quickly configure. It's smart e-commerce, simplified.
Easily sell your product online
You want your customers to enjoy a tailored brand and buying experience. You want it to be consistently great across all devices and channels. And you want the analytics it takes to help build ‘ever-better’ results.

What you don’t want is the complexity that other solutions leave in. By delivering a sophisticated e-commerce solution that’s fully integrated and easy to use, Kentico means you no longer have to choose between deploying a complex, high-ticket price enterprise e-commerce solution and compromising on functionality and experience.

That’s why we say Kentico is your fast-track to the dynamic, engaging online store your business ambitions demand.

Call us a call on 1300 308 210 or contact us to arrange logins to a demonstration site, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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You’re the boss
“Yes” to full control over design and content, and to comprehensive built-in sales, order, inventory and customer reports.
Be Wowed by choice
“Yes” to a whole host of product options managed with automatic product variant definitions.
Be Spoilt with value
“Yes” to almost any promotional pricing you can imagine with rule-based discounts on products, orders, shipping and more.
Your checkout, your way
“Yes” to a completely customisable checkout process and taking payments through mobile.
Sell anywhere
“Yes” to going global, with support for multiple languages, easy translation management and multiple payment options and currencies.
Smart e-commerce
“Yes” to a tailored shopping experience with sophisticated integrated marketing tools like personalisation and recommendation.
7 Steps To Easy eCommerce
Jack the Marketer

Learn how to Optimise Digital Marketing through Customer Relationship Management

Digital marketing is far more successful when you thoroughly understand your customers and what they want and need, particularly since most customers change over time. Marketers can use the intelligence from customer data analytics to provide relevant responses to customers on buyer journeys and determine what steps should be taken to further help customers make buying decisions. As a result, you build processes to continuously improve marketing activities, including campaigns and long-term programs. Insights from analytics also strengthen ongoing customer relationships.

To learn how improving customer engagement and communication requires the integration of digital marketing with responsive customer relationship management CRM please complete the form and download your free PDF.

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