Kick off the year better, faster, and at scale

Kontent by Kentico is always improving to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! See how their latest releases support all these roles to get off to a strong start this year.
Posted: 星期四 06 一月 2022

Kentico Top 10 Website Winners for December 2021

Each month Kentico selects the top 10 websites that stand out for their use of technologies and their positive impact on day-to-day users. This month, WDM is proud to see not just one, but TWO of our recent MVC built sites on that list! 
Posted: 星期五 31 十二月 2021

Why security matters in the digital age & how Kontent can help

A critical vulnerability in the popular Log4j library might leave you wondering—does your headless CMS provide adequate protection to secure your website against hackers? Let’s take a closer look at Kontent’s security policy to find out.
Posted: 星期四 16 十二月 2021

Fine-tune your workflows to deliver better content, faster

Kontent by Kentico is always improving to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Check out how to streamline approvals by defining multiple workflows in a single project.
Posted: 星期三 10 十一月 2021

How Kentico Xperience helps you build high-converting pages

Do you create new pages on your website efficiently, or do you believe there is space for improvement? If you already manage your content in Kentico Xperience, are you leveraging its full marketing power? Don’t waste time with brainless clicking and creating what already exists somewhere else. Make sure you know the full potential of Kentico Xperience Page Builder, enjoy your everyday work, and ensure optimal results.
Posted: 星期四 07 十月 2021

Refresh 3: Make your Page Builder even more powerful than it’s ever been

You already know that we’ve put an end to big product versions. Instead, we’re now quarterly releasing smaller updates—Refreshes. This new approach minimizes the hassle of every upgrade and delivers piping hot enhancements straight from our oven to your door. The latest delivery—Refresh 3 makes creation of captivating landing pages faster and more efficient.
Posted: 星期三 15 九月 2021

Create a positive brand perception with Sentiment Analysis

A company’s digital presence is one of the main factors directly influencing its business results. Therefore, it’s essential to secure a positive user experience for our website visitors- whether it means inducing positive vibes through digital content that accompanies them on their buyer’s journey, or the way we interact with them beyond it.
Posted: 星期二 14 九月 2021

The changing face of customer data

Having a 360-degree view of your customers can really drive exceptional experiences, online and offline. But how do you unlock the benefits across your organization?
Posted: 星期五 27 八月 2021

How headless architecture enables AI

In a recent global survey of 700 leaders across industries and departments, 95% of respondents believed embedding AI into the operations, products, and services of their company would be a benefit. Compare this with the number of C-suite respondents who said they have actually implemented AI solutions across their organization: 6%.
Posted: 星期五 13 八月 2021

Umbraco: the right fit for Public Sector solutions

Is Umbraco the right fit for your public sector projects? We’d definitely say so - and as you’ll discover in a minute, we’re not the only ones who think that!

Posted: 星期一 26 七月 2021
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