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經典假期 S2S 贏獎

恭喜經典假期和參與 S2S 專案的團隊。今天 Kentico 宣佈 1 月頂部 10 獎。你猜對了!
Posted: 星期三 17 二月 2016

新的 Smartwatch 資料圖表

最新 smartwatches 的數位體驗調查圖表 Kentico 的看著買家和潛在買家對購買,擁有,並使用 smartwatches 的態度。是這種新技術又一次...
Posted: 星期三 03 二月 2016

Existing CMS customers can save 25% on upgrading to Kentico EMS, but hurry, this offer won’t last...

From February 1 to March 31, 2016, existing Kentico CMS customers get the chance to leverage the potential of Kentico EMS so you can enjoy the rewards that digital marketing brings. This offer app...
Posted: 星期三 03 二月 2016

Two new Kentico Marketplace submissions

Our team has been busy this month with two new Kentico Martketplace submissions – Kentico Page Trail and MetaWeblogAPI for Kentico 9. Download them for free!
Posted: 星期三 03 二月 2016