Website content tired? Makeover required?

Maintaining a professional image in today’s digital world is essential. Smart Words is happy to cast its eye over your website and make high-level recommendations on a free, no-obligation basis...
Posted: 星期三 23 三月 2016

Kentico 通訊安裝的最佳實踐

Kentico ' s 電子郵件行銷是功能強大的方式來保持聯繫您的客戶和網站訪問者,尤其是當你利用 EMS 功能可以為您提供的資訊。找出如何設置...
Posted: 星期一 14 三月 2016

Access Vendor Whitepapers for free

We have a bunch of new Vendor Whitepapers that are loaded with information that will not only get you started on your digital project, but if you’re already on the road certainly take you to the ne...
Posted: 星期四 03 三月 2016

Oh dear, our website 16 years ago.

This month marks a very special time at Web Design Magic. It’s not the launch of yet another large project or a milestone birthday. Instead we are celebrating the launch of our very own new website...
Posted: 星期四 03 三月 2016

Calling all Web Designers and Back End C# Developers

Calling all Web Designers and Developers. This is your chance to join one of the Gold Coast's longest running and most innovative digital agencies.
Posted: 星期四 03 三月 2016