Keeping people at the front of your customer experience strategies

In the past, I conducted a brand survey at a previous employer with a surprising result that the single most important brand variable for that audience was not total of materials produced by my company, but rather the interaction with the retailer sales associates where our products were sold. That discovery took place about the same time as businesses were busy outsourcing inbound customer service queries to ridiculously time consuming, automated phone menu trees – which was mostly in the name of cost-cutting – and has since boomeranged back for another look about how best to deliver customer service.
Posted: 星期四 19 十月 2017

是時候使用 (資料) 流了

今天持續的個人資料傳播量令人震驚。當我註冊 spotify, 我想使用我的 facebook 登錄輕鬆, spotify 收到我的聯繫資訊, 我的朋友是誰, 我的位置, 可能很多其他的東西。而臉譜接受我的音樂品味, 對一些人 (嗯, 我) 來說, 這基本上就是他們的靈魂。
Posted: 星期五 06 十月 2017


每個人都喜歡看手機, 看到一個應用更新等待著他們。也許這是一個新的功能或功能, 或者只是一個圓滑的新 ui, 那個神奇的小圖示是你的商品門票。無論行業或平臺如何, 都很興奮看到哪些公司在新版本中烘焙, 並開始規劃如何使用它們。在本文中, 我將深入瞭解 k啊11中的開發人員將遇到的一些令人敬畏的事情。
Posted: 星期五 06 十月 2017