Two new Kentico Marketplace submissions

Our team has been busy this month with two new Kentico Martketplace submissions – Kentico Page Trail and MetaWeblogAPI for Kentico 9.

Kentico PageTrail


Ever wondered what pages your user has been to before they submitted your contact form? Would this information make your sale easier if you had this intelligence? PageTrail will add the last visited URLs to your contact form notification email and also calculate your user’s requirement, returning the top 3 keywords felt to interest them.


The PageTrail module adds valuable statistics to your website, tracking the last visited links of visitors, as well as their probable interests. In conjunction with the 'PageTrail Details' form control, you can display the statistics as part of the Email notification you receive after a visitor submits a form.

MetaWeblogAPI for Kentico Version 9


Bring back the MetaWeblogAPI for Version 9! MetaWeblog API is a programming interface that enables external programs to get and set the text and attributes of blog posts. The API uses the XML-RPC protocol for communication between client applications and the blog server.


MetaWeblog API integration enables bloggers to write their blog posts using an application like Windows Live Writer  or Microsoft Word on their local computer. Then it enables transfer of these blog posts to the Kentico CMS web application, either by publishing them directly on the live site or just saving them as a draft to be published later. Thanks to Richard Sustek from Kentico for his help with this project.


Posted: 星期三 03 二月 2016