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Free Kentico Training in 30 Minutes

At WDM we understand it is hard sometimes to perform the tasks you wish to in Kentico without the help of a developer. These small 30 minute, bite sized courses will help you become the expert in certain Kentico day to day tasks and all for free. Sign up to all of them now!

How does it work?

Once every week WDM will run a free webinar on a different module in Kentico. It will never take more than 30 minutes and will touch on and demonstrate how you perform day to day tasks using the supported versions of Kentico. During the presentation you will have the option to ask questions via text chat or contact the trainer after the session.

The best thing is it’s totally free so take them all!!

Choose a Subject

Kentico Basics

This 30-minute training introduces you to Kentico 12 and how much easier it is to edit content. It will show you where all the main components live and how they all wire together to produce a commercial grade Content Management System. If your new to Kentico then this is the perfect starting point.


Kentico by WDM

By leveraging the new MVC architecture, WDM has completed a full set of the widgets we all use most as marketers. Kentico have paved the way for a new platform and we have paved the way for simple content editing. This training shows you how to use the new age widgets to build compelling marketing strategies.


Landing Pages

Landing pages are crucial to any marketing campaign. They not only guide your visitors to a goal, but they also help reduce pay per click marketing costs allowing for more conversions for a cheaper cost.

This training will demonstrate  how to rapidly create landing pages that look and function great as well as incorporate forms and other widgets.



Forms are a crucial part to any website, but it’s the integration that matters. Learn how to build great looking forms as well as notifications, autoresponders, mapping to contacts and techniques to integrate forms into landing pages or competition type setups.

This training will show you the basics and touch on advanced validation and configurations.


Contact Management

Contact management is an on‑line marketing tool that provides a centralised overview of all contacts who visit your websites. You can use the data collected for contacts to track campaign results, analyse client behaviour, optimize content, identify potential buyers and perform other marketing‑related actions.

This training will show you how to manage contacts, segment them and build the structure for other online marketing features.


Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to promote your business and products or keep in touch with existing contacts. With Kentico, you can create, manage and send out marketing emails via the Email marketing application.

This training will show you how to create and send email campaigns.



As visitors go through multiple stages during their customer life cycle, Marketing Automation allows you to deliver them the right content and initiate sales activities in a personalised way. You can automate, optimise and analyse your campaigns using the Marketing automation application. Marketing automation allows you to nurture your website visitors and leads – represented by contacts in Kentico.

This training will show you how to trigger and setup marketing automation workflows.



One of the most common techniques used to bring new traffic to a website and to promote your brand or products is on‑line marketing campaigns. On-line marketing campaigns allow you to track and evaluate your efforts in promoting targets.

This training will show an example campaign setup and how all the pieces allow for a crystal clear result.


GDPR and Privacy

Kentico is ready for privacy, however you need to complete some setup. This training will explain the law allowing you to understand the main parts of any privacy policy like GDPR. The right to be informed, the right of access, right to rectification and the right to be forgotten.

This training will show you how Kentico deals with all these rights and manages the data involved.