Edit your website content with ease and without the risk of breaking your website

Kentico is a Web Content Management System (CMS). It can cut your development time in half by delivering much more easy-to-use, ready-to-go sophistication than any other vendor, it frees time, talent, and resources for what matters.


Edit your website without the risks of breaking it
You want everything a best-practice website can be. From project implementation to day-to-day campaigns, you want to stay in control.

So, what you want is sophistication, made simple. That’s why Kentico’s Web Content Management Solution delivers every sophisticated feature you’ll ever likely need as user-friendly, plug-and-play modules that are quick to configure exactly to your needs.

The result is uncompromising CMS sophistication with far more of the risks and variables removed. And that means confidence in making any scale of step change.

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WYSIWYG wonders: Easily create and style your content and add hyperlinks, images, and online videos. See exactly how it will look before publishing.
Quality-insurance workflow: Define your own approval and publishing workflow with drag-and-drop ease to effectively manage, track and approve all content.
That consistent brand experience:
Leverage out-of-the-box features like mobile preview and device detection to adjust content to desktops and mobile devices.
Take creative control: Manage static, dynamic, or interactive content like online forms, news sections or special offers and reuse designs and content throughout the site.
No language barriers: Centralized hub for scalable translation management, including steps for third-party writing, editing, and approval.
Interactive documentation: Gives current-scenario tips and tricks and offers excellent easy-to-follow how-to’s for achieving them in record time.
Be up and running faster: Far more out-of-the-box functionality means sites delivered faster.
Sophistication made manageable: Now your team don’t need to be technical experts to be effective.
Start anywhere, go anywhere: From simple to complex sites, Kentico is the affordable start-point that grows with you.
Kentico - the yes platform
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A Web Content Management System Is Not Enough

You need to deliver a fantastic experience that’s tailored to every customer. You need to optimise the journey from awareness through to loyalty. You need campaigns that can be analyzed, adapted and made evermore effective in ever changing, dynamic markets.

With the growth of increasingly sophisticated technologies for web content management, marketing automation, and digital marketing, the ability for marketing organizations to provide highly personalized website experiences is on the rise. Today, visitors and customers expect customized experiences that address their individual needs and desires, and often quickly leave websites that treat customers as “one-size-fits-all”.

Learn how marketers can create personalized content for all of their diverse prospects and customers, without giving customers the feeling that the marketing efforts are getting too personal. 

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