Take the worry out of your website & use After Care Support

Every business has unique website maintenance requirements. We provide Care Packages that give you a more economical and efficient way to maintain your website than having a web designer on staff.
Affordable support packages
Every business has unique website maintenance requirements. We provide Care Packages ranging from 2 hours per month to 104 hour blocks so small businesses and large businesses alike will find a package to suit their needs and budget.

Each package comes with a commitment from us to begin work within a set number of days.

It's just not practical to maintain your website in-house
Not when you have an affordable solution that provides you with access to a team of experts. It just makes sense to outsource your website maintenance to Web Design Magic.

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Stagnant content hurts
Static brochure style websites are something of the past! In this era websites need to embrace new trends and products, to constantly evolve and to provide fresh killer content.

If your website content is stagnant and unchanging, visitors won’t come back. Your site will lose traffic and business.

To be competitive online, your website must be regularly updated and maintained.

Consider the following:
  • how will you make changes?
  • who will make the changes?
  • how long will they take?
  • will they look professional?
  • is there a better way?
  • what happens if its technical or an emergency?
Why pay for a web designer or developer on staff when you can access a whole team for less?

Web Design Magic prides itself on its people. Our experienced and qualified team members will ensure your site remains professional looking, incorporates cutting edge technology trends and most importantly, delivers results!

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