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WDM provides professional, powerful, reliable and robust website design solutions to enable small, medium and large enterprises achieve their online business objectives. We use tried and tested technology, comply with e-legislative requirements and underpin our delivery with great customer service.

This is our point of difference.
What you REALLY need to know About Us

The big boss made us put our mission on this page. So we did. But what does it mean to you? What do you really need to know about us?

We are Geeks and we love our jobs!

Designing websites isn’t just our job…it’s our hobby!
All of us here at Web Design Magic are web fanatics striving to create innovative and effective websites for our clients. We’re obsessed with delivering professional results. We’re constantly trying out new web technologies and testing our results to ensure 100% compliance to W3C industry standards and guidelines.

We understand our platforms and constantly stay in touch with the latest technology ensuring you receive only the latest in technology and solutions.

Yep. We admit it! We are a bit geeky, but we are passionate web designers who know their stuff. That's what you really need to know about us, because that's why we do such an incredible job of designing, developing, maintaining and supporting web solutions.

We're an established business that has been around for 25 years

we work for small and large organisations so we can create any size project

we stay on top of the latest technologies

we ensure our websites meet W3C and other industry standards

we implement the best solutions because we ask the right questions

we understand your business objectives and we know how to build websites and applications to achieve them

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