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Unlike other Web Design agencies, WDM makes Quality Assurance a subset of the overall usability goal. You can rest easy knowing that your website or application will work smoothly, be built to standards and be error free.
Its a lot more than just looking good
We don't simply make sure your website looks good and works well; we go one step further to ensure your website adheres to the following Web Design Guidelines:
  • HTML standards
  • CSS standards
  • W3C standards
  • Accessibility standards
  • Performance
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
Your website will be of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest industry standards. You can learn more about these standards on the World Wide Web Consortium website.

Testing, Testing and more Testing
We don't wait until the project is complete to conduct usability testing. We unit test each phase within the development of your website. All our team members are involved in testing so that every component of your solution is error free.

Buddy Testing
Our final testing of your website or application is done by "Buddy Testing". It involves "drivers" who test from a user perspective and "observers" who test from a testing and bug-finding perspective. People use products differently than they test products; "Buddy Testing" makes sure all bases are covered.
Why bother with Quality Assurance?
In this competitive market, the best way for us to develop our business is to have a rock solid reputation for quality. We need to give our clients reasons to come back and reasons to tell their networks about our fantastic services.

How do we do make sure we deliver the Best?
We make sure our services are the best in the business by ensuring all our clients receive products that:
  • are fully tested
  • have passed Quality Assurance Checks
  • conform to current Industry Standards
Do you want a website that works?
Because of our strict quality assurance procedures, you can be sure that your website or application will work smoothly and be error free.

Quality Assurance Systems and Procedures
As we've said before, we're sticklers for using defined systems and processes. Why? In our 17+ years of designing and developing websites, we've proven that the procedures we use increase the success of projects by:
  • accelerating delivery
  • averting risk
  • requiring less people
  • decreasing project cost
  • enabling the highest quality results
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