Create a personalised experience for your customers to increase engagement and ROI

Kentico Xperience is everything you need to deliver cutting-edge campaigns and an exceptional customer experience integrated into one solution, so you can manage complex multi-channel marketing with ease, while getting a 360 degree view of customers in one single customer profile.


Sophisticated online marketing, simplified
You want a brand and buying experience that’s tailored to every customer and an experience that’s always optimized to be the best it could ever be. You need campaigns that can be analysed, adapted and made evermore effective.

There are two ways of achieving such sophisticated online marketing.

You either hope that you can successfully integrate disparate tools and technologies, or you go straight to success with the Kentico Online Marketing Solution.

Featuring all that’s best of the online marketing technologies out there, but integrated into a single easy-to manage package, you achieve that all-important single view of the customer that driving superior ROI demands.

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Integrated single view: Delivers a 360 degree view of the customer from website, email, mobile and social media interactions.
Personalize every journey: Acts on customer segmentation and defined persona's to deliver personalised content in real time.
Optimize every campaign: A/B test for page and email optimisation and track campaign success.
Make social marketing pay: Post content on and get analytics from Facebook, Twitter and Linked in, all from within the UI.
Automate your marketing: Powerful Marketing Automation capability for lead nurturing towards conversion through sophisticated email marketing.
Optimize every channel: Social, web, mobile and email, including all analytics.
Make smart recommendations:
Dramatically boost customer loyalty and sales through highly appropriate product and content recommendations.
Capture valuable info: Create easy to build drag-and-drop online forms to collect contact details.
Deliver qualified leads: Powerful lead scoring helps you prioritise ‘sales-ready’ leads and generates sales-alerts based on actions and engagement.
Sneak peek data: Unique to Kentico; at-a-glance real-time insights about your website and campaigns in customisable dashboard live tiles.
What is Contact Management
What is Content Personalisation
What is Marketing Automation
What is Lead Scoring
What is Email Marketing
What is A B Testing

How the right CXM solutions deliver better customer experiences

The customer can be considered the single most important factor for company success. Truly understanding more about different kinds of customers and their needs provides a formidable competitive edge for any company. A customer’s experience with a company comes from the sum total of all interactions before, during and after purchase decisions. Most of those interactions are part of the buyer’s journey, which largely consists of digital touchpoints across multiple channels.

Learn how your customers choose how they will interact with companies and on which channels. Single customer buyer journeys are frequently multichannel, with multiple touchpoints. But customers see their interactions as one experience, so companies must provide consistent – and frictionless – interactions across all channels of engagement. Companies that value customers have to proactively enable positive interactions no matter where they take place.

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