Get your team all on the "same page" and use an Intranet

The Kentico Intranet and collaboration solution makes empowering workgroups and project teams a hassle-free opportunity for everybody. The simpler, faster way to smarter working.
Use an Intranet to collaborate and systemise
Moving from knowledge silos to a collaboration network demands that you make sharing ideas, sharing documents, and sharing responsibilities easier than sharing a coffee! Delivering far more proven out-of-the-box functionality, the Kentico Intranet and Collaboration Solution makes light work of building, using and managing Intranet by replacing expensive coding with simple configuration and customization. And because Kentico rejects the pricing models so beloved of other vendors, the Kentico Intranet and Collaboration Solution helps you deliver brilliant Intranet against the odds.

Intranet just got sexy again.

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Goodbye, file chaos!
Manage files, permissions, workflows and multiple languages within document libraries.
Get (and stay) in control
Divide work into projects and tasks and assign to specific users. Monitor progress with reports and notifications.
Clear cooperation
Create a place for project collaboration, both internally and externally, with easy-to-manage workgroups.
Never lose track
Keep on top of updates and compare document versions. Roll back to previous versions or archive what you no longer need.
Keep it together
Display your SharePoint content and documents on your Kentico Intranet to leverage its full range of features.
Share the knowledge
Build wiki-like website and Intranet sections where visitors and employees can share expertise and knowledge.

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