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Campaign Management

Free Kentico Training In 30 Minutes

This 30-minute training introduces you to Integrated Campaign Management. Kentico allows you to execute cross-channel digital marketing campaigns and gain intelligence on individual channels. Unlike various dedicated marketing automation tools, there is no need to integrate any third-party modules. With full out-of-the-box functionality, you can develop campaign assets, launch campaigns, and analyze the results with minimal effort, all from one location

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What's the cost?

There is no cost to our 30-minute training sessions.

You will have the opportunity to learn something new about Kentico and its different modules and concepts.

If you are looking for personalised or structured training that is covered across days and caters for multiple people, then please contact us.


Webinar Dates

Please join us on Wednesday 11th December at 10:30 AM (AEST QLD Time) for this webinar.

‚ÄčThe webinar is completely free! Simply fill out the form and we will send you the information you require. If you can not wait then please email sales@wdm.com.au and we will arrange a private demonstration geared towards your project.

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Link Campaign Assets

With Integrated Campaign Management in Kentico, the time to execute campaigns is greatly reduced. You can add campaign promotions such as emails, assign content assets such as landing pages, track standard UTM parameters, and specify the tracked page visits, conversion names, and values directly in the campaign set-up. You can also keep content creation separate from the campaign management, where, for example, one person can create content for landing pages while another prepares the campaign (adds emails, creates landing page wireframes, etc.).

Integrated Email Marketing

Integrated Campaign Management works seamlessly with Kentico’s Email Marketing giving you in-depth statistics on how successful your Email Marketing campaigns are in terms of delivery, engagement, contact loss, and more. You can check results for key metrics such as the number of sent and delivered emails, delivery rates, unique open rates, or click rates.

Campaign Overview

To help you get a better overview of your campaigns, you can select them based on their status - Draft, which represents the campaign you are currently working on; Launched, which represents a campaign that is already in progress; and Finished campaigns. You can also sort your campaigns based on their name or visitors. The campaign overview also provides you with information of how many visitors interact with your campaign, what the campaign conversion rate is, and the number of actual conversions from your specified campaign.

Custom Campaign Funnel

Kentico’s Integrated Campaign Management lets you build custom campaign funnels to help you analyze exactly the steps that are important for your business. By offering more precise analysis, you can optimize your lead generation and promotional campaigns better.


Get insights that will help you determine the overall success of your campaigns and the performance of individual promotional channels. Observe and analyze how visitors are interacting with all your campaigns, from how many visitors come from your email blasts to your landing pages, to how many people submitted the form on your landing page and downloaded the whitepaper. With improved campaign reporting and a simplified process for campaign tracking, you can understand and interpret results quicker across all channels, helping you to optimize and expand your campaigns for even better results. 

Campaign Tracking

Campaign Management leverages Activities, which significantly extends the tracking capabilities and user experience of the Campaigns module. Marketers can define and track eight types of conversion in a campaign, meaning they can better track the actions of their customers and get more information about their behavior:
  • Page visits
  • Form submissions
  • User registrations
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Internal searches
  • Products added to a shopping cart
  • Purchases
  • Event bookings

Campaign Scheduling and Optimization

Campaigns can be scheduled to start when you want and can be edited while they’re running. The system of conversions enables marketers to make modifications to running campaigns without losing any data—the activities are tracked regardless, and additional activities can be added to the campaign right up to its conclusion. Marketers can better analyze the visitor campaign journey, easily understand how many people proceeded to the next step, and how many of them dropped off. They can combine both journey tracking and standalone conversions. Additionally, Marketers can define goals for their campaigns to get quick insights on the campaign’s performance.