For over a decade, WDM has partnered with Ferno, an international supplier headquartered in Ohio, USA, to transform and manage their global network of country-specific websites. Recently awarded the global contract, WDM utilized its expertise in Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), digital strategy, project management, and 24/7 SLA support to elevate Ferno's digital presence. Employing a meticulous phased development methodology, regular site visits, and comprehensive support plans, WDM ensured the seamless operation and strategic alignment of Ferno's websites. The partnership underscored WDM's commitment to robust cybersecurity, proactive monitoring, and effective digital solutions, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency for Ferno.

Trade Investment Queensland

WDM has significantly enhanced the digital capabilities of Queensland Government Trade Investment Queensland (TIQ), including Study Queensland and Migration Queensland, by expertly managing their Kentico DXP platform and Azure Hosting. With a focus on robust security through Essential 8 (E8) compliance, WDM has ensured the protection of TIQ’s digital assets. Their comprehensive 24/7 SLA support guarantees continuous system reliability and minimal downtime. The success of this partnership, highlighted by the contract extension, reflects WDM's commitment to delivering top-tier digital solutions and maintaining rigorous security standards, fostering a strong, trust-based relationship with TIQ.

Forty Winks

Coca Cola Arena

For over five years, WDM has partnered with the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai, showcasing their expertise in Kentico DXP website creation, hosting, and providing 24/7 support. This collaboration resulted in a robust and visually appealing website that enhances the arena’s digital presence. WDM's comprehensive project management, from planning to deployment, ensured a seamless user experience and system reliability. Their 24/7 support minimized downtime and provided continuous monitoring and maintenance. Additionally, WDM manages the arena's EDM campaigns for over 1 million subscribers, maintaining audience engagement and driving ticket sales. Despite the end of the initial contract, WDM continues to support Coca Cola Arena's digital initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to exceptional digital solutions and client satisfaction.

Migration Queensland

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

WDM's long-standing partnership with the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) showcases its ability to bridge cultural gaps and provide exceptional digital solutions on an international scale. Leveraging its extensive global presence and status as a Kentico Gold Partner for over 15 years, WDM offers 24/7 website and hosting support, ensuring seamless operations for OCEC. This collaboration is underpinned by WDM's comprehensive SLA support, proactive monitoring, and rigorous development methodology, highlighting its commitment to quality, reliability, and client satisfaction across diverse cultural landscapes.

Avive Health

Study Queensland


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Transforming Ferno's Global Digital Presence: A Decade of Partnership with WDM

Ferno, an international supplier with branches worldwide and headquartered in Ohio, USA, has been a valued client of WDM for the past decade. Recently, WDM secured a global contract to manage Ferno's extensive network of country-specific websites. This monumental task involves leveraging WDM's expertise in Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), digital strategy, project management, site visits and SLA support to elevate Ferno's digital presence and operational efficiency.

WDM's journey with Ferno began ten years ago, evolving into a partnership characterized by trust and mutual growth. As a Kentico Gold Partner for over 15 years, WDM utilized its deep knowledge of Kentico DXP to provide tailored digital solutions that resonate with Ferno's global audience. The digital strategy developed by WDM ensured that Ferno's online presence was not only cohesive across different regions but also strategically aligned with their business objectives. This included an initial envisioning and planning phase where WDM captured high-level user requirements and established clear project objectives.

The project management approach adopted by WDM was systematic and meticulous, involving detailed planning, regular Work-In-Progress (WIP) meetings, and phased development to ensure timely and within-budget delivery. The structured methodology encompassed envisioning, planning, developing, stabilizing, and deployment phases. Each phase was designed to capture critical insights, refine project plans, and ensure rigorous testing and validation before deployment.

WDM's commitment to excellence extended beyond digital strategy and project management to include regular site visits, ensuring a deep understanding of the unique needs of each Ferno branch globally. This hands-on approach facilitated better communication, allowing WDM to tailor its services to meet specific regional requirements effectively.

The comprehensive 24/7 Service Level Agreement (SLA) support offered by WDM was pivotal in maintaining the smooth operation of Ferno's websites. This round-the-clock support guaranteed rapid response times, proactive monitoring, and regular updates, significantly reducing the likelihood of system downtimes and enhancing overall system reliability. Features like proactive monitoring of uptime, SSL expiration, site speed, server load, domain name expiration, and vulnerability scanning ensured that Ferno's digital assets remained secure and performant.

Throughout the project, WDM's focus on cybersecurity was unwavering. As an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Network Partner, WDM implemented stringent security measures, including compliance with the Essential 8 and GDPR, to safeguard Ferno's digital assets.

By the end of the project, WDM had successfully transformed Ferno's global digital presence, delivering robust, secure, and strategically aligned websites across multiple regions. This case study exemplifies WDM's capability to manage large-scale digital transformations, combining expertise, strategic planning, and dedicated support to drive client success.

WDM and Queensland Government Trade Investment Queensland (TIQ)

WDM, a leading digital solutions provider, has been collaborating with the Queensland Government Trade Investment Queensland (TIQ) and its divisions, including Study Queensland and Migration Queensland, to enhance their digital presence and operational efficiency. This partnership, leveraging WDM's expertise in Kentico DXP, Azure Hosting, and Essential 8 (E8) compliance, has been pivotal in transforming the digital landscape of these governmental departments.

WDM's journey with TIQ began with the comprehensive design, management, and support of their Kentico DXP platform. As a Kentico Gold Partner for over 15 years, WDM has consistently delivered exceptional digital experiences, ensuring that TIQ's websites are not only visually appealing but also robust and secure. The implementation of Kentico DXP has enabled TIQ to manage their content more effectively, delivering tailored information to their diverse audience segments across Trade, Study, and Migration services.

In addition to platform management, WDM has taken charge of the Azure Hosting design and support for TIQ. Specializing in Microsoft’s tech stack, WDM ensures that TIQ’s digital infrastructure is scalable, secure, and optimized for performance. The proactive monitoring and regular maintenance included in WDM's 24/7 Service Level Agreement (SLA) support have been instrumental in minimizing downtime and enhancing system reliability. This round-the-clock support guarantees that any issues are promptly addressed, ensuring seamless operation for TIQ.

A critical aspect of this partnership has been WDM's commitment to cybersecurity. Adhering to the Australian Cyber Security Centre's guidelines, WDM has successfully integrated Essential 8 (E8) compliance measures across TIQ’s digital platforms. This rigorous approach to security includes regular vulnerability scanning, system updates, and proactive threat management, safeguarding TIQ's sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of their digital services.

The extension of this contract highlights the successful outcomes achieved and the strong trust between WDM and TIQ. Through WDM’s structured development methodology, each phase of the project—from envisioning and planning to development, stabilization, and deployment—has been meticulously managed. Regular Work-In-Progress meetings and transparent communication have ensured that TIQ’s objectives are consistently met, with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

WDM's partnership with TIQ exemplifies the company's dedication to delivering top-notch digital solutions and robust security. The ongoing support and strategic enhancements provided by WDM continue to empower TIQ to effectively serve their stakeholders, driving innovation and excellence in their digital initiatives.

Elevating Digital Presence: WDM's Longstanding Partnership with Coca Cola Arena

For over five years, WDM has partnered with the Coca Cola Arena in Dubai, leveraging their extensive expertise in Kentico DXP website creation, hosting, and 24/7 support. This collaboration has resulted in a dynamic and robust digital presence for the arena, cementing its status as a premier entertainment venue in the region.

WDM's journey with Coca Cola Arena began with the envisioning phase, where the primary objectives and goals of the website were established. The comprehensive planning phase followed, involving detailed resource planning, system interface design, and the creation of a functional specification that met all client requirements. Utilizing their proficiency in Kentico DXP, WDM crafted a website that was not only visually appealing but also highly functional, ensuring a seamless user experience for visitors seeking information about upcoming events, purchasing tickets, and exploring the arena's amenities.

Throughout the development phase, WDM maintained open lines of communication with the Coca Cola Arena team through regular Work-In-Progress (WIP) meetings. This ensured that any issues were promptly addressed, and the project remained on track. Their rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols, including vulnerability scanning and cross-browser testing, guaranteed that the website was secure and performed optimally across various platforms.

A key component of the partnership was the 24/7 SLA support provided by WDM. This round-the-clock service ensured that the website was continuously monitored and maintained, significantly minimizing downtime and enhancing system reliability. The proactive approach of WDM’s dedicated support team allowed them to identify and resolve potential issues before they could impact the website's performance, providing Coca Cola Arena with the peace of mind needed to focus on their core operations.

In addition to website creation and support, WDM has been instrumental in managing Coca Cola Arena's EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) campaigns. With over 1 million subscribers, these campaigns are critical for maintaining engagement with the arena's audience. WDM's expertise in EDM management ensures that these communications are effective, targeted, and delivered on time, helping to drive ticket sales and keep the audience informed about upcoming events.

Although the contract for website creation, hosting, and 24/7 support has concluded, WDM continues to work closely with Coca Cola Arena on EDM management. This ongoing collaboration underscores the strong relationship between the two organizations and highlights WDM's commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions and support.

Through this case study, it is evident that WDM's comprehensive approach to digital project management—from initial planning through to deployment and ongoing support—has played a pivotal role in the success of Coca Cola Arena's digital initiatives. Their ability to provide tailored solutions, combined with their dedication to maintaining high standards of service and support, makes WDM a trusted partner for organizations looking to enhance their digital presence.

WDM Bridges Cultural Gaps with International Digital Solutions for OCEC

The long-standing partnership between WDM and the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) exemplifies WDM's prowess in navigating and bridging cultural gaps, while delivering exceptional digital solutions. With a presence spanning multiple continents and satellite offices in key global cities such as Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and the US, WDM has firmly established itself as a versatile and international digital solutions provider​​.

OCEC, a prestigious venue for conventions and exhibitions in Oman, has relied on WDM’s expertise to manage their digital presence using Kentico DXP for many years. This partnership underscores WDM’s capability to provide seamless, around-the-clock website and hosting support across different time zones and cultural landscapes. As a Kentico Gold Partner for over 15 years, WDM brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of this powerful platform, ensuring that OCEC’s digital operations run smoothly and efficiently​​.

WDM’s 24/7 Service Level Agreement (SLA) support is a cornerstone of this successful partnership, offering OCEC peace of mind with continuous monitoring and rapid response times. This comprehensive support framework includes proactive monitoring, regular updates, and maintenance, which collectively minimize downtime and enhance system reliability​​. The dedicated support team at WDM is well-versed in troubleshooting and resolving a wide range of issues, ensuring that any disruptions are swiftly addressed, thereby maintaining the high standards expected by OCEC’s international clientele.

The partnership’s success is also a testament to WDM’s robust development methodology, which emphasizes clear communication, meticulous planning, and rigorous testing. From the envisioning phase to deployment, WDM ensures that every project is aligned with the client’s objectives, culturally sensitive, and technically sound​​. Regular work-in-progress meetings and a transparent project management approach further solidify the trust and collaboration between WDM and OCEC.

This case study highlights WDM’s ability to transcend cultural and geographical barriers, providing top-notch digital solutions and support to clients around the world. Through its strategic international presence and unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction, WDM continues to be a trusted partner for OCEC and other global organizations.

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