For over a decade, WDM has partnered with Ferno, an international supplier headquartered in Ohio, USA, to transform and manage their global network of country-specific websites. Recently awarded the global contract, WDM utilized its expertise in Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), digital strategy, project management, and 24/7 SLA support to elevate Ferno's digital presence. Employing a meticulous phased development methodology, regular site visits, and comprehensive support plans, WDM ensured the seamless operation and strategic alignment of Ferno's websites. The partnership underscored WDM's commitment to robust cybersecurity, proactive monitoring, and effective digital solutions, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency for Ferno.

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Transforming Ferno's Global Digital Presence: A Decade of Partnership with WDM

Ferno, an international supplier with branches worldwide and headquartered in Ohio, USA, has been a valued client of WDM for the past decade. Recently, WDM secured a global contract to manage Ferno's extensive network of country-specific websites. This monumental task involves leveraging WDM's expertise in Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), digital strategy, project management, site visits and SLA support to elevate Ferno's digital presence and operational efficiency.

WDM's journey with Ferno began ten years ago, evolving into a partnership characterized by trust and mutual growth. As a Kentico Gold Partner for over 15 years, WDM utilized its deep knowledge of Kentico DXP to provide tailored digital solutions that resonate with Ferno's global audience. The digital strategy developed by WDM ensured that Ferno's online presence was not only cohesive across different regions but also strategically aligned with their business objectives. This included an initial envisioning and planning phase where WDM captured high-level user requirements and established clear project objectives.

The project management approach adopted by WDM was systematic and meticulous, involving detailed planning, regular Work-In-Progress (WIP) meetings, and phased development to ensure timely and within-budget delivery. The structured methodology encompassed envisioning, planning, developing, stabilizing, and deployment phases. Each phase was designed to capture critical insights, refine project plans, and ensure rigorous testing and validation before deployment.

WDM's commitment to excellence extended beyond digital strategy and project management to include regular site visits, ensuring a deep understanding of the unique needs of each Ferno branch globally. This hands-on approach facilitated better communication, allowing WDM to tailor its services to meet specific regional requirements effectively.

The comprehensive 24/7 Service Level Agreement (SLA) support offered by WDM was pivotal in maintaining the smooth operation of Ferno's websites. This round-the-clock support guaranteed rapid response times, proactive monitoring, and regular updates, significantly reducing the likelihood of system downtimes and enhancing overall system reliability. Features like proactive monitoring of uptime, SSL expiration, site speed, server load, domain name expiration, and vulnerability scanning ensured that Ferno's digital assets remained secure and performant.

Throughout the project, WDM's focus on cybersecurity was unwavering. As an Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Network Partner, WDM implemented stringent security measures, including compliance with the Essential 8 and GDPR, to safeguard Ferno's digital assets.

By the end of the project, WDM had successfully transformed Ferno's global digital presence, delivering robust, secure, and strategically aligned websites across multiple regions. This case study exemplifies WDM's capability to manage large-scale digital transformations, combining expertise, strategic planning, and dedicated support to drive client success.

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