MND Australia

MND Australia works in collaboration with the state MND Associations to help Australians impacted by MND live better for longer. They provide trusted information and raise awareness to promote the best possible care and support. They play an authoritative role in shaping government policies to empower the MND community. Every research project financed by MND Australia has been scrutinised and endorsed by a committee of experts to ensure that supporters’ donations fund only the best research.

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Goals and Results

Many of MND Australia’s marketing and communications initiatives are centred around their websites, newsletters and event notifications. Given the high degree of importance that the Internet plays in assisting MND Australia, a policy has been developed regarding the ongoing upgrade and maintenance of their Kentico installation.

Moving to a new host provider has instantly delivered performance improvements. All four websites now load with considerable speed and there have been no major outages to date. Staff have reported that working in the CMS is more pleasant because of the noticeable speed improvements and the user interface is more intuitive. Subtle changes to various Kentico modules have made quite a difference to the user experience.

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