Nepean Blue Mountains PHN

Nepean Blue Mountains PHN (NBMPHN) is a not-for-profit organisation located in Australia which works to improve health for the communities of Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith. NBMPHN does this by working with, and providing support to General Practice and other primary health care providers as well as the many health and non-health stakeholders across the region.

  • Nepean Blue Mountains PHN

Goals and Results

NBMPHN were tasked with making changes to their organisation in-line with new Government legislation relating directly to all not-for-profit operators in Australia. New Government requirements formed the basis of this project which were accompanied by some other minor changes to improve functionality for the NBMPHN team and community using the website.

Moving to the new hosting provider has delivered considerable performance increases. The hosting is much more reliable and there is no need to contact the web hosting provider’s Technical Support Team anymore because things work as they should. The NBMPHN team can perform tasks more quickly using the latest version of Kentico. Publishing newsletters has never been so fast and tracking recipient behaviour has provided more insight as to what people are viewing on the NBMPHN website. This has led to the improvement of how the website is written and mapped, making it easier and faster for institutions to locate or update information.

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