After implementing Kentico properly Olympus can now begin to use some of the email marketing and simple hotfixing modules. Previous iterations of the site never allowed them to do so and since have found to higher version problematic. The later versions of Kentico have really helped Olympus in this space.

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Goals and Results

There are multiple goals to this project. Initially the project was to upgrade the existing Kentico website to the latest version and at the same time to move away from ASPX page templates (meaning we had little design control in a WYSIWYG environment, like a browser) and into using Portal pages with a design tab. The second part of the project was to replicate a look and feel similar to our parent company and to easily manage the content.

Whilst we would love to share our results with you commercially this is not possible. We can say that in previous builds of Kentico we found it hard to manage as the site may have been developed in a way that is not friendly to a marketer. After the site was rebuilt using the Portal pages we have now began to understand the power of Kentico and the new EMS feature set.

We have been working with Web Design Magic for some time now and they took over from another partner who didn’t quite get our needs. Now we are finding Kentico more easy to use and flexible now having a design tab!

Tony, IT Manager | Olympus

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