Queensland Competition Authority

QCA were struggling with their outdated intranet site. It was simply not effective and inefficient to use. By performing a complete overhaul with the help of Web Design Magic they now have a well presented and easy to use platform for their intranet needs. Staff are now reporting that their experience on the intranet site is much smoother than before.

  • Queensland Competition Authority
  • Queensland Competition Authority

Goals and Results

The aim of the project was to perform a complete overhaul of the existing intranet site. The primary focus of the overhaul was to improve user experience on the site. The site needed to be easier to  navigate and several existing functionalities had to be improved such as:
  • The search functions
  • The Calendar
  • The Forums

The new intranet site for QCA has exceeded expectations. Due to the level of testing completed before deployment everything has gone online without a hitch. The new functionality offers a much smoother user experience overall. Users are reporting that it is much easier to navigate the site and find the information that they require than it was prior to the overhaul. Despite the fact that the site is still quite new it is on track to show improvements in staff efficiency.

Kentico’s flexibility has helped create a more user-friendly intranet for the Business. We
worked closely with Web Design Magic to problem solve issues to achieve our goals. WDM
developers and designers were helpful and prompt to resolve issues after UAT was

Cherie Flowers, Project Officer | Queensland Competition Authority

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