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Engaging in context of how your customer has interacted with your brand requires a platform with contextual intelligence, robust content management, and omnichannel automation. Sitecore can manage your personalised experience
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Many marketers can only dream of delivering a personalised, tailored experience to their customers. The type of experience that takes into account the context of how the customer last interacted with their brand. You know your buyers deserve it—even demand it—but the best you can supply is a siloed, segmented, automated flow of communication.

Context Marketing is the only way to own the experience and win loyal customers. Customers demanding more won’t be satisfied with anything less.

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Intelligence is key with your website
Context Marketing begins with knowing what’s relevant to the customer based on information like:
  • what pages did they visit on your website last week?
  • what did they buy from you on their mobile phone when they were traveling to Sydney yesterday? 
  • are they posting on social channels now about their Sydney trip?
The content you deliver today can only be relevant if it takes into account the context of how your customers interacted with your brand last week, yesterday, or right now on any channel.

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Digital Marketing Unleashed

With content being king, it’s no surprise that 60% of marketers create a least one piece of content a day.

However, only 5% have the right systems in place to systematically produce and manage content, causing significant delay. Our latest infographic examines the problem.

  • See why producing content is still one of the most valuable things marketing can do
  • Learn about the challenges you must overcome to effectively produce content
  • Understand why a Content Marketing Platform (CMP) can streamline the content process

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