Kentico Top 10 Website for December 2019

Each month Kentico selects the top 10 websites that stand out for their use of technologies and their positive impact on day-to-day users. This month, WDM is proud to see our most recent MVC built site, Cyclone Products named one of those top 10 sites.

MVC has been a huge focus for WDM in 2019. It has been a priviledge to build several new MVC sites for our customers over the year, so to see one of those sites be recognised as one of the top 10 worldwide for December is incredible.


With the phasing out of Portal Engine by 2022, MVC is now the standard for development on the Kentico platform. With an updated suite of widgets, content management just got a whole lot easier!

You can check out our other MVC built sites here:

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Posted: Friday 20 December 2019