Kentico Top 10 Website Winners for December 2021

The first site to be listed as one of the top sites for December 2021 is Trade and Investment Queensland.

As a global business agency, Trade and Investment Queensland helps exporters take their products to world markets and promotes Queensland as the perfect place for investment. With new branding, the agency wanted to redesign its website and improve customer experience.  

Kentico Xperience enabled creating a secure, multicultural website in 12 languages. User Roles restrict administrators’ access to only relevant areas, and the Staging feature passes approved content to the live site.

​You can check out Trade and Investment Queensland's winning site here:

The second site to be listed as one of the top sites for December 2021 is Migration Queensland.

The Queensland State Government agency responsible for business and skilled visa nomination needed to improve the user experience on its website and help users quickly find information.  

Using Kentico Xperience with MVC architecture, WDM was able to develop custom widgets and give the Migration Queensland team the freedom to manage complex content layouts across the site. 

​You can check out Migration Queensland's winning site here: 

WDM would like to thank both Trade and Investment Queensland and Migration Queensland for all their support and hard work during this process, as well as Kentico for providing such a strong foundation for our MVC sites.


With the phasing out of Portal Engine by 2022, MVC is now the standard for development on the Kentico platform. With an updated suite of widgets, content management just got a whole lot easier!

You can check out our other MVC built sites here:

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Posted: Friday 31 December 2021