Introducing Umbraco!

Umbraco is an open source CMS with their top focus being user experience. Each of their products have been developed for everyone to use with ease. Marketers and content editors love working with Umbraco because of their editor-centered interface, unlimited development and integration flexibility, and a Cloud platform that ensures predictability in projects.
Umbraco makes your day-to-day job simpler and more pleasant as a Marketer and an Editor with intuitive and uninterrupted workflows. With Umbraco, you give yourself the freedom to finally express your true self digitally.

The beauty of Umbraco is that it makes everyday content management effortless. With the variety of products and plans offered, they are built to suit every need. Ranging from free to paid plans, from CMS to Cloud platforms, there is no limit to the type of site that Umbraco can create for you in the right hands!
Umbraco is a wonderful fit for WDM as we put our customers needs above ours as designers and developers, as do they. That means technology and software selection must meet their needs, not just our needs.

Umbraco’s CMS fits in between the out-of-the-box inexpensive WordPress/Squarespace style entry level website CMS tools and the very expensive subscription based services that give you a lot of options and abilities that you really don't need. Why pay for all the extra stuff just to get the few things you need?
Umbraco can deliver all the custom high-level controls and system integrations you need, without the plug-in bloat or expensive licensing fees. You can make it whatever you need ─ the sky's the limit.

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Posted: Friday 07 February 2020