Reasons Why Marketers and Developers Will Love the Kentico 12 MVC Platform

When the combination of MVC and Kentico 12 crosses marketers' and developers' minds, what is their actual emotional response? Is it hesitation and confusion, or a wave of excitement followed by tears of joy? Are developers feeling happier than marketers or vice versa? Let’s not wait any longer and dive right into the marketer’s and developer’s hearts in this article.

Answering the above questions is highly subjective, and because we are all unique individuals, there isn’t a solution that would suit everyone. Nevertheless, when we were boosting the MVC capabilities of Kentico 12, we focused as much of our effort as possible on bringing smiles to both marketers and developers. The only way for you to experience it is via using Kentico 12 itself, but below are some of the reasons why MVC-powered Kentico 12 projects are the best recipe for bringing successful projects, satisfied developers, and empowered marketers together.

Creative Freedom

Without creativity, everything soon gets boring. Every project, campaign, and digital solution needs at least a pinch of artistic mind to ensure that the horizon of success can be reached. However, with creativity comes responsibility. How can you allow creativity to flow freely while at the same time, keeping it within specific boundaries?

In Kentico 12, this creative freedom is achieved with its MVC approach.

If you are a developer, you can see the possibilities right away, as the front end of your website is easily controlled by you and you are free to experiment with any latest trends to optimize your website’s speed, HTML output, and integration with any other third-party systems.

On the other hand, if you are more into campaigns, copywriting, and content optimization, MVC might seem toothless to you. Well, not in Kentico 12! Thanks to the built-in MVC Page Builder and its drag-and-drop widgets, marketers can easily play with the content, and experiment with the style and feel of the pages. All of that without any need to ask developers to adjust the content for them.


Creativity is great but without an easy and straightforward way of bringing ideas to life, they would never see the zeros and ones of the digital world. MVC and Kentico 12 give developers and marketers the flexibility they need to be creative but at the same time also an effective way to go live.

For that purpose, Kentico 12’s MVC Page Builder empowers developers to give marketers an exact set of tools they need to easily adjust the content and create various types of content quickly. Whether they need to quickly place an online form, testimonial, banner, or any other content on the page, they can do it effectively with the specifically-for-them defined widgets.

MVC Page Builder brings marketers and developers together as they can purposely discuss what widgets, limitations, and types of sections developers need to create for marketers and content editors to allow them to be effective and creative.

Thanks to this, both sides of the same coin can understand each other’s needs clearly, and support each other even more on the way towards the project’s success.

Greater Focus

All of the above gives everybody in the team another powerful benefit—true focus. There is nothing more frustrating for developers than when you have to stop working on a website implementation only to adjust content for a marketer on the website. Especially, if the change is just a little adjustment of a banner because it is too wide.

The same works the other way around too. Marketers are tired of having to go to developers with every website adjustment they need to make to the website.

While keeping freedom, flexibility, and effectivity in mind, Kentico 12’s MVC Page Builder allows marketers to adjust website’s content on their own whenever they need, allowing them to stay in the creative zone for as long as possible.

Because of that, developers can laser-focus their mind on the implementation, and deliver the solutions faster and with less bugs.

Smart Data Gathering

Then there is the online visitors’ data. Marketers need data so they can understand visitors better, and nurture the leads into happy customers. The classic way of data collecting is by placing an online form on the website. But there is an interesting catch—the longer an online form gets, the less likely it will be submitted by a visitor.

Therefore, we decided to solve this challenge in Kentico 12 MVC projects by introducing Smart Forms in the MVC Form Builder. Marketers can create online forms via the MVC Form Builder’s drag-and-drop intuitive interface, and mark which form fields should be considered as “smart”. Such fields will be shown to a visitor only if preceding fields were filled by a contact (visitor). This way, the online forms drastically reduce their length and increase the submission rate.

Intuitive Content Personalization

Collection of data leads us to the targeting. Personalized content is great for presenting the right audience with the right content leading them to the right online form :)

That’s why we made sure that the content personalization is as intuitive as possible in Kentico 12 MVC projects. Developers are free to create perfectly tailored content personalization conditions that suit marketers’ needs allowing them easy management of the content personalization with just a few clicks.

It is achieved through widgets in Kentico 12’s MVC Page Builder. Each such widget can have as many personalization variants created for itself as is needed for successful online visitors’ targeting.

As long as developers enable the content personalization for widgets, marketers can define various personalization variants on the fly and display them on the website.

There is nothing better than a happy marketer!

Peace of Mind

Everything that we put together in Kentico 12 was aimed at giving your team real peace of mind.

Developers can relax knowing that content editors and marketers can freely adjust the website’s content without the risk of actually breaking it. And marketers can relax knowing they have the autonomy to play with the content on their own without bothering developers every single time they wish to change the content somehow.


As you can see, Kentico 12 MVC is a great solution for marketers and developers who strive for creative freedom, effectiveness, and want to future-proof their digital projects!

By Pavel Jirik in MVC

Posted: Thursday 17 January 2019