WDM have now reached EcoBiz Star 1 status

In 2020 WDM sought the assistance of EcoBiz to help reduce our carbon footprint. They were able to provide us with some great information and easily actionable steps to assist us in our mission.

By implementing the energy reduction plan they recommended, we were been able to reduce our energy usage by 48% in 2020 compared with the previous year. 

We continued using this energy reduction plan throughout 2021 and as a result we have seen a further 23% reduction in energy intensity compared with the previous year.


Here are some of the small changes we have made around our office that have decreased our energy usage. 

  1. Switching to LED ligh bulbs as they last longer, use less electricity and require less maintenance.
  2. Switching our air con on earlier in the day as it takes less energy to cool down the air when the temperature is lower.
  3. Turning off all electronic equipment at the end of the day/when not in use.
WDM are currently in the process of implementing more changes to reduce our footprint further. Though for now, we are thankful to EcoBiz for their recommendations and are pleased to have seen a change already. We look forward to continuing this journey to a more eco friendly office.

Posted: Friday 10 June 2022