Kentico Announcing New Pricing and Licensing Structure

The most important changes include:

Base License Not Available for Purchase

As of January 1, 2020, the Base edition will no longer be available for purchase. This was a niche option for our customers with a limited comparable value, and we have made a strategic decision to discontinue it to streamline the licensing structure.
Clients who already have the Base License can continue using it, with a valid maintenance agreement under standard conditions.

Introducing the Most Powerful Subscription on the Market!

We are happy to introduce a brand-new Subscription Model which will allow customers to lower their initial outlay, spread their investment into a longer period, switch from capital to operational expenditure


also utilize our special automatic scalability option. This means that you can run your project on any number of load-balanced environments (servers, cloud instances) for better performance, without any extra fees to your subscription plan!

Finally, there is one more important feature built into every subscription—you can leverage our industry-leading Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution called Kentico Kontent to deliver any kind of online experience. That’s right. We are bundling the traditional CMS offering with our headless content platform so that you can use the best of both worlds and work with any channel, any technology, anytime! All new subscriptions will include a paid Kentico Kontent plan to enable Headless scenarios. This makes our Subscription truly unique and a tremendous value-for-money proposition!

Moving from Multi-site Packages to the Website Only Model

To further simplify our licensing model, we are moving away from multi-site (10; Unlimited) packages and introducing a per-website model with an attractive discount structure that grows with your order volume.

The details of the new USD pricing for both our perpetual licensing and our new Subscription Model are as follows:

Order Size




Nr. of web site licenses





































35% or Custom

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The prices above are in USD. We will advise pricing in other supported currencies shortly

*Discounts are provided based on the volume of license(s) you purchase as part of one order

** Prices shown are per 12-month subscription. Paid annually.

Please note that this announcement does not include all possible purchase configurations and is indicative only while we finalize the complete licensing and pricing structure.

Should you have any questions about your current license and your options going forward, reach out to your local sales representative or simply get in touch via [email protected]

By Richard Brulik in Kentico

Posted: Wednesday 13 November 2019