Why is Umbraco CMS open source?

After this thought you can do 2 things:

  1. Leave it and just get on with it - but it still bugs you every time you get interrupted...
  2. Do something about it! Go on Github, create an issue that describes the bug - maybe even suggest a fix - and then wait for it to be approved and fixed, not just for you, but for everyone using the same software as you.  
Option number 2 is only possible when we’re talking Open Source software. And that’s one of the reasons why Umbraco is open source! 

Our open source mission

The mission with Umbraco CMS has from the start been to empower tech talents by putting the power and control into their hands, so they have the freedom and flexibility to create amazing work without being limited by the software they’re using. 
We believe that by being open source thus, welcoming feedback and contributions to real-life problems, we are able to keep providing a CMS that offers real-life solutions.
Because who better to give us feedback on our software than the people who use it every day?
It just makes sense. 

But how is open source possible?

It’s possible because it’s backed by a professional and talented commercial company, the Umbraco HQ.
A company that ensures that the Umbraco software and services that you’ve based your projects on are fully supported, organised and kept up to date by a professional organization that has over 16 years of experience. 
It is Umbraco HQ that’s keeping track and has the final say when it comes to where the CMS is going. So even though we welcome and encourage improvements and feature suggestions to the CMS, we don’t automatically accept everything. For us, Open Sorce is not about democracy...

Open source is about transparency 

For us, Open Sorce is not about democracy - it’s about transparency and opening up for feedback. 
We have a clear plan of where our CMS, products and services are going and we hold the right to follow this path (you can follow along on our Product Roadmap). This is to ensure a sustainable and reliable path for all our offerings.

How do we run a sustainable open source project?

We earn money by our supportive services, products, partnerships and add-ons. 
That’s not only how we pay the HQ employees but that’s also how we make sure we have a sustainable open source project today - and in the future.
We invest everything we earn right back into the company. And because all our paid offerings (Umbraco Cloud, Uno, Heartcore, Training etc.) are connected to the open source CMS, this automatically means that the CMS won’t ever get neglected. 
We believe we’ve built a strong and sustainable business model that supports both the open source project and the commercial part of the business, all to ensure that you can feel reassured and confident when using Umbraco today and tomorrow.

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Posted: Wednesday 04 November 2020