Moving to Content as a Service with Kentico Kontent

Content Is the Currency of Every Digital Experience

We live in an era of instant gratification. Customers expect nothing less than a great experience and they want it right now. Companies that can get closer to their customers and provide them with the best experience are the future winners.

Content is a critical element of every digital experience. When you look at Amazon, Uber, Airb'n'b or any other digital disruptor, they all use content to convert their audience into customers and customers into life-time advocates.

Organizations Fail to Manage Content at Scale

Still, most organizations struggle when it comes to managing content. They manage their content in silos that lead to duplication of content and efforts. That leads not only to internal inefficiencies, but, most importantly, to inconsistent digital experiences.

When you look at a typical enterprise organization, their content is everywhere. They often use multiple different CMSs managed by individual departments. At the same time, their content is also managed in their ERP, CRM, PIM, DAM and various bespoke solutions. 

If they want to succeed, they need to rethink how they work with content.

From CMS to Content as a Service

Looking at these challenges back in 2014, we realized that the traditional CMS model won't be enough for the future needs. 

We started working on a new headless CMS that was later released as Kentico Cloud. 

However, our vision has always gone beyond the technical benefits of the headless model. From the very beginning, our primary focus has been on the content production process. We sought for a better way to manage content - and how to do it at scale.

That brought us to a new paradigm - Content as a Service. As Michael Andrews writes in his article, Content as a Service isn't just another technology. It's a new mindset about how to create, manage, deliver and track content. 

Introducing Kentico Kontent

In the past two years, we were adding capabilities to our solution to enable all of that. Today, we cover each step of the content lifecycle. As we finalize our move to Content as a Service, we decided to reflect that in our brand and today we're happy to unveil Kentico Kontent with a new website running at

Kentico Kontent Schema

Regain Control over Your Content

Kentico Kontent allows you to unify content across your organization and manage its entire lifecycle in a single location. 

It enables collaboration on your content from beginning to end:

  • Assess your content with Content Performance insights.
  • Plan your next content with the built-in Content Calendar.
  • Create structured content using a friendly editor and let others review your content with Comments and Suggestions.
  • Publish your content in any format and to any channel using our APIs.
  • Personalize your content based on persona, campaign or any other dimension or leverage our native integration with Recombee and provide AI-based content recommendations
  • Optimize your content based on A/B testing using Optimizely or other integrated tools.

Since you can collaborate on all your content in a single location, you avoid duplicating content in multiple systems and the pains of copy-pasting content across tools, updating your plans in various spreadsheets, and sending revisions by email. 

Moreover, with a new single source of truth for your content, you can deliver a consistent experience across any channel.

Build Modern Digital Experiences

The web-first approach and monolithic architecture of traditional CMSs may be limiting. Today, developers want to use the latest front-end frameworks and build solutions using microservices architecture. 

Unlike most Digital Experience Platforms, Kentico Kontent is designed to become part of your Digital Experience Stack and gives you the freedom to combine it with any digital experience technology.

It provides a fast Content Delivery API that makes your structured content consumable on any platform and device. Its Content Management API makes it easy to migrate content into Kentico Kontent and make it part of your Continuous Integration flow. At the same time, Kentico Kontent comes with webhooks and custom elements that allow you to tightly integrate 3rd-party solutions.

Make Your Content Smarter

As the name of our domain suggests, we're about to use AI and other technologies to make your life easier. One such example is our integration with Recombee, the content recommendation engine that allows you to deliver a personalized experience at scale. We will add AI capabilities across the content lifecycle to provide insights, guidance, and automation.

See It for Yourself

Now is the time to see how Kentico Kontent works. Sign up for a live demo or start a free trial today!

By Petr Palas

Posted: Tuesday 24 September 2019