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Con-X-ion experience massive drop in bounce rate after WDM builds online app

Con-X-ion is a Door to Door Airport Transfers service in Australia that uses online booking services to fulfil their orders. It is imperative that the customer experience is simple on any device and statistics showed that many users were accessing the original booking form via smart phones. This form did not cater for mobile devices causing large bounce rates as users could simply not fill out the form easily so they left.

Hi Daren, I'd just like to report that I'm really enjoying our experience with the Kentico CMS website. The migration of our current asp.net forms into Kentico has been easy and with the support of Kentico's logging functionality I've been able to improve our site performance by isolating and fixing errors quickly. Kentico now allows us to update our sites content anywhere, anytime. We can now quickly get the most effective information to our customers which has had an immediate effect on our websites performance. Have a look at the google analytics graph below, our bounce rate dropped from 50% to 6%.
Ryan Layton, Digital, Con-X-ion Airport Transfers

Con-X-ion mobile siteThe challenges were designing a system that not only looked great but also worked great across multiple devices. The booking system had to also integrate with existing infrastructure at back of office so interfaces were designed using Web Services and JSON.

The solution was using Kentico CMS as the platform in conjunction with JQuery Mobile and JSON. Kentico took care of the plumbing type functions (logging, device re-direction, caching) and JQuery the UI. JSON/WCF was selected as the data protocol due to the nature of the data being processed.

Posted: Tuesday 04 June 2013